Yuan Qigong Classes

Offering a Complete approach to Health and Life Development


Qi Gong is a holistic approach to healthcare and life. Strengthening the connection and awareness between body mind and life force "The purpose of Yuan Gong practice is to better align human life with its governing laws. When we follow the laws of life, we can be healthy. The more profoundly we follow the laws, the healthier we get." Yuan Tze

Yuan Gong is a form of qigong distilled with ancient wisdom adapted for our modern times. 

Moving and still meditations using the body, mind and breath to cultivate lifeforce and self awareness.     

By training the mind to go inwards and use it in positive way we enhance our health and life.

The practices instill a deeper sense of unification so we can connect and listen to our inner wisdom to understand how to get our life back to optimum health.

Benefits of Yuan Gong

௳ Simple and nourishing practice which is easy to learn and suitable for all conditions
௳ Fast and effective results improving our capacity for self healing and make change to various health problems
௳ Large amounts of energy (qi) can be gathered to replenish and bring more vitality to your life
௳ Creating and deepening the state of relaxation, calmness and unification
௳ Develop the consciousness and overall life to its full potential
The methods improve the practitioner’s ability to observe, understand and follow the nature of totality to live more in alignment, balance and harmony..
Yuan Gong practice is also intended to be efficient. Many people have difficulty finding time out of their busy lives to practice. A short practice of Yuan Gong in the morning is all that is needed to make a difference to your day.

2022 Womans Wellness Circle

Navigating 2022 from our True heart. Foundational practices of Yuan Qigong as well as other lifehacks and tips to nourish and keep your life moving in a positive and uplifted direction in 2022. More specific themes/solutions will be explored in more depth depending on the group but some of those may include honesty, forgiveness, acceptance, response-ability, boundaries, self love and respect, relationships, parenting, work, woman's health and wellbeing, world situation navigation. Tue Evenings 7pm and/or Thursday Mornings 9am.

Beginners Day Retreat

A Day of Spaciousness to Nurture yourself and Learn about Bringing more Joy, Calm and Present awareness into your everyday life. Learn Yuan Qigong a combination of moving and still meditations to enhance Your Health and Wellbeing to bring more energy flow These practices uplift body, qi, heart, mind and spirit and guide the practitioner towards pure awareness in every moment We will also explore how opening the heart, purifying the consciousness and cultivating true awareness play an important role in the journey towards awakening.